Friday, March 29, 2013

Lebih Dekat di Hati


Okay, ni entri pertama bahasa melayu dalam blog ni. Kenapa? Sebab nak cerita sikit tentang isu yang berkaitan bahasa Melayu. (Selama ni biasa guna English bukan sebab pandai berbahasa inggeris sangat, banyak grammatical error, lagi-lagi sejak tinggalkan zaman belajar. Cuma bagi saya, sesuatu entri tu terasa terlebih personal dan mesra kalau saya guna bahasa Melayu. Jadi ada masanya, saya lebih selesa menulis dalam bahasa Inggeris supaya tak terlalu berbaur peribadi. Itu pendapat saya lah.)

Selama ni, ada sesuatu tentang diri saya yg baru saya sedar akan kewujudannya. Saya cepat rasa tak berkenan bila tengok orang Melayu sendiri yang memperlekehkan orang Melayu atau bahasa Melayu (atau drama Melayu). Mengkritik secara membina tu bagus, tapi jadi tak bagus bila mengutuk. Bukan sekali, tetapi berkali-kali dan apa sahaja berkaitan typical Malays, mesti ada saja perkara yang nak dikutuk. Kalau komen disertakan cadangan, itu memang perlu, untuk kebaikan. Tapi kalau sekadar nak luahkan rasa dan mengutuk membanding dengan bahasa lain, merendahkan bahasa sendiri, dalam diam saya rasa agak marah. Atau kadangkala rasa menjengkelkan.

Satu isu yang saya fokuskan, isu novel Melayu. Biasa saya dengar cakap-cakap yg macam ni: "Aku ni tak layan sangat novel Melayu." Dengan nada yg seolah-olah mengatakan tak ada 'standard' kalau suka baca novel dalam bahasa Melayu. Katanya isu dalam buku Melayu sangat klise, tak membina, 'tak habis-habis isu cinta' dan macam-macam lagi.

Wahai yang memberi komen sedemikian, nyata sekali anda memang tak membaca novel Melayu. Kalau anda baca, nescaya anda jumpa kisah-kisah tentang kehidupan realiti, yang bukan sekadar cinta remaja atau cerita-cerita dengan tema serupa. Malah terlalu banyak topik menarik seperti isu ketuhanan, perubatan, sci-fi, psikologi, pemakanan, golongan minoriti dan banyak lagi. Makin menarik kerana cerita-cerita ini dalam bahasa kita. Dalam hidup manusia-manusia yang sama adat dan pertuturannya dengan kita. Kisah-kisah yg berlaku tak jauh dari kita.

Saya baca kedua-duanya; novel Melayu dan novel inggeris. Kedua-dua nya memang ada kekuatan dan kelemahan masing-masing. Cuma bagi saya, apa yg buat saya lebih tertarik untuk baca cerita-cerita yg ditulis dalam bahasa sendiri adalah kerana saya rasa lebih dekat dengan jalan cerita tersebut. Saya banyak belajar tentang sisi-sisi kehidupan masyarakat kita yang selama ni saya tak pernah tahu. Saya makin sedar akan isu-isu yang selama ini tak pernah saya ambil peduli.

Bagi saya membaca buku bukan lah semata-mata tentang cerita mana lebih berkualiti atau jalan cerita mana yang menampakkan kita ini gah ketika membacanya, tapi soal kita memahami setiap kisah dan mengambil manfaat untuk kehidupan kita. Bagaimana kita mendalami watak, menenggelamkan diri dalam dunia yg diceritakan dalam sesuatu novel, sejauh mana kita merasakan betapa watak-watak itu bernafas di dunia nyata, semuanya antara perkara-perkara yang membuatkan saya sangat suka bersendiri mengembara seketika ke kehidupan manusia lain melalui pembacaan.

Bacalah. Apa-apa isu dalam apa-apa bahasa sekalipun. Tak perlu sampai mencaci bahasa sendiri. Kalau mahukan cerita-cerita yang 'standard tinggi', cubalah bertanya-tanya, atau cari sahaja di internet. Baca review buku di goodreads atau thereadingroom.

Saya sayang bahasa melayu. Bahasa yg saya membesar dengannya. Sungguhpun anda tidak sayang, satu pesanan saya, hindarilah mencaci. Bukan setakat dalam isu membaca, tapi segala isu. Kita bukan mulia, meskipun kita mulia, siapa kita untuk mencaci mengeji melontarkan kata-kata kesat? Ada bezanya antara kritikan dan kutukan. Kalau memang tak suka atau tak berminat, pendamkan saja dalam hati. Dan tinggalkan.

Mungkin anda memang peminat tegar novel inggeris, tapi apa salahnya, sekali-sekala belek-belek buku cerita kita, dalam bahasa kita.


"Do you ever finish a book and then close it sort of reverently and just hold it close to you for a moment

and then for a while you see the world a bit differently because you’re still half in and half out of that book." -quoted

Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Am a Book

Ari Berk, Death Watch.

This is True Love


Now there's a face only a mother could love!

It's true! There are some faces only a mother can love! My family and I were looking through my nephews and nieces photos of them growing up, and subhanAllah, we realized how NOT cute they used to be, yet to us they were the cutest little things in the world!

Have you ever wondered how a mother can love her child despite the labour she goes through, despite losing sleep, having to put up with the crying through the night, changing poop filled nappies, cleaning up mess, getting peed on, and all the other messy chores of raising children?

Have you ever seen a really annoying baby and thought, oh boy! I am NEVER having kids! Or even seen someone who once had that attitude suddenly change upon having a baby join their family?

Have you not seen a big tattooed thug looking guy, holding their son or daughter? What could possibly explain this bond? This blind love? This buttery affection that suddenly enters a persons heart when they hold their child? ALLAH! How is that, you ask?

Allah places love, affection and mercy in our hearts so that we may love each other, miss each other and protect each other. Allah places the motherly and fatherly instincts in our hearts, and ties us together with bonds that years apart often do not separate, we always have that soft spot for those who share the same blood, even in the most extreme instances of anger. 

Allah gives us life, gives us love, gives us wealth, health and all necessities. Not a leaf falls without His knowledge. If you think a mothers love is unsurpassed... His love triumphs that infinitely. Discover Allah today.

(Copied from Islam for Kids FB)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Mind Your Words, Muslimah.


Well, just wanna share my 2 cents about the tweet in the above picture.

I have been living on this Earth for 26 years and I can say that majority of the women that I know are hijabis or women with hijab. And so far, I can say that we do have different kind of characteristics and no, simply putting a piece (or maybe 2 pieces) of cloth on our heads is not a guarantee that we have a good akhlak.

When I say akhlak, it includes the manner of talking, mingling with others, as well as the manner while writing. In today's world where social networking becomes an important part of our days and nights, it is significant to relate the issue of writing since we are connecting with others (in social network or instant messaging) mostly by typing words.

I can say that it is a normal phenomenon for us to see hijabis using harsh words or cursing whenever they are online. It is so sad actually to say that this kind of situation is now considered as 'normal'. I understand people can't escape themselves from having the feeling of hating something or someone, but we have the choice whether or not we want to display that hatred. If you have Twitter account, I think you know exactly what I mean and always witness it on your TL. Hopefully you are not one of the people who keep cursing in their tweets. Yes you have the freedom to say anything, but you are accountable for it. Plus, I think when you are displaying your bad words publicly, you lose their respects. You gave them negative impression about yourself. And about Islam.

Remember one simple rule from our Prophet sollallahu 'alaihi wasallam?

"...speak a good word or REMAIN SILENT..." (Bukhari & Muslim)

I have a few non hijabis friends as well. However, you know something? It really attracts me when I see that they are very kind, and what I like the most about them is they always, always use kind words such as Bismillah, Alhamdulillah, insha Allah, Astaghfirullah etc. It really melts my heart to see them having those words closely to their mouths and hands (read: speeches and writings). Yup, not wearing a hijab is wrong, but cursing is wrong too. And hurting other people's hearts with your harsh words is definitely wrong as well.

I am not making a generalization about hijabis and non hijabis, instead I wanna share my thought about the tweet in that picture I attached. All of us, Muslim women, both hijabis and non hijabis still have to strive to do as much deeds as we could and leave the wrong doings far, far behind.


Saturday, March 9, 2013

At the Touch of Love


Finally March is here.

Any special event on March? Well, for me I had an important date there; March the 5th marked the day where a younger brother of mine is scheduled to fly somewhere to continue his degree. Still can't believe that he's now no longer in Malaysia. The first in my siblings to study abroad. I miss him already. A very kind, lovely and sweet brother of mine. (My two sisters will agree with me about this. :) Hi kak, hi adik. *wave hand*)

That day at the airport, I just hold back my tears when the time for departure was announced. I could still stay calm and just reminded myself that it was exactly like the old days, those days where we were apart coz he needed to go back to his hostel. Perhaps this kind of thought will help me to keep calm. But it was different. The background was never like this. No airport, no big luggage, no red eyes. Well, I still managed to not to show my tears, till I witnessed the touching moment between my brother and my dad. My dad hugged him tightly and I could see the love was flowing and travelling between them and at this very moment, I can still remember the mood, the face expressions, I was really moved.

It breaks my heart every time I think about my dad's face at that precious moment. *wipe tears* It's very rare for me to see my dad hugs his son like that, a hug like it's a day after being separated for years, he was hugging my brother as if he's still my dad's little boy, a hug where you can feel the atmosphere suddenly turns dull and all you can do is just hoping that the time will pause and let yourself embrace the mood and love.

What was I thinking at that time? I cried because I guess, maybe all this while, my brother really long to get a warm hug from dad. I can sense that the hug had gave him an extraordinary spirit. And at time I was very sure that love is the most powerful thing that can offer you strength to face life, and inspire you to keep surviving, especially the love from parents. I know everybody longs to be told that they are loved and they have parents to support them in whatever decisions they make.

I read somewhere that there's a survey done about grown up sons. Most of them say that they always want to hear the 'I love You - I am proud of you' from their fathers. They long to get hugs and have affectionate relationship with fathers when they can be called grown-ups. How many fathers that still hug and kiss the forehead of their sons every time they meet and part? Are pats-on-back still mean 'well done, son' or 'all the best, son'?

After I saw that moment between my dad and brother, I promised to myself that when my kids grow up I will still give them hugs and kisses and praises and loves as much as I give them when they are babies. There's no thing such as 'too much love'. Rather, lots of people lack love. They don't get enough love that they deserve. And that my dear, is something which can affect your inner self, your motivation, and your life. Believe me.

If you love someone, give them your time. When you are giving your time to others, it means that they are important to you, coz you are giving them something limited, something that never stops and never returns. This reminds me about what Professor Morrie said. (Again. Well I just finished reading that book, somehow words from that book still linger in my mind.) 

"You know what really gives you satisfaction? Offering others what you have to give. I don't mean money, Mitch [the name of the student recording the conversation]. I mean your time. Your concern."

"Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to the community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purposes and meanings. There's nothing in there about salary."

"Giving to other people is what makes me feel alive. Not my car or my house. When I give my time, when I can make someone smile after they were feeling sad, it's as close to healthy as I ever feel."

To relate this issue to me myself, I love my daughter so much, so I give her my time. I postponed chasing my own dreams coz I wanna get busy offering my time and breath and love to my daughter. She deserves all those things from me. I am sure I made the right decision when I chose to become a full-time-at-home mother. Coz there is no regret in raising, teaching, and taking care of the amanah Allah has given me. 


"If you don't have the support and love and caring and concern that you get from a family, you don't have much at all. Love is so supremely important. A our great poet Auden said, 'Love each other or perish'." -Professor Morrie 

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