Sunday, March 17, 2013

This is True Love


Now there's a face only a mother could love!

It's true! There are some faces only a mother can love! My family and I were looking through my nephews and nieces photos of them growing up, and subhanAllah, we realized how NOT cute they used to be, yet to us they were the cutest little things in the world!

Have you ever wondered how a mother can love her child despite the labour she goes through, despite losing sleep, having to put up with the crying through the night, changing poop filled nappies, cleaning up mess, getting peed on, and all the other messy chores of raising children?

Have you ever seen a really annoying baby and thought, oh boy! I am NEVER having kids! Or even seen someone who once had that attitude suddenly change upon having a baby join their family?

Have you not seen a big tattooed thug looking guy, holding their son or daughter? What could possibly explain this bond? This blind love? This buttery affection that suddenly enters a persons heart when they hold their child? ALLAH! How is that, you ask?

Allah places love, affection and mercy in our hearts so that we may love each other, miss each other and protect each other. Allah places the motherly and fatherly instincts in our hearts, and ties us together with bonds that years apart often do not separate, we always have that soft spot for those who share the same blood, even in the most extreme instances of anger. 

Allah gives us life, gives us love, gives us wealth, health and all necessities. Not a leaf falls without His knowledge. If you think a mothers love is unsurpassed... His love triumphs that infinitely. Discover Allah today.

(Copied from Islam for Kids FB)

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