Thursday, January 23, 2014

Allah Cares about You.


When a friend tells me about how people around her keep complaining about her flaws (or things she did that don't please them), it somehow makes me feel so sad. Sad for her and for everyone that experiences the same thing. 

Yes it is such a heart breaking moment when you realized how much people are very well aware about your imperfections rather than the good deeds that you've done. All the sacrifices that you did seem like insignificant and never make them appreciate you. Is that an inborn attribute of human? I am not sure.

I just can say that lots of people (maybe not all) do realize the goodness in you and those kind deeds you've done, but only after you've gone from their lives (for a while or for a long period of time) or after you died. Serious talk.

However, how to soothe this sadness? A kind of dejection that keep making us feel gloomy for being not good enough in their eyes. We are not perfect, of course. But making people feel that they are never good enough for whatever they do is indeed a heart-wrenching thing. And at times, this situation is able to dig the rebellious feeling from the soul.

Maybe it's time for us to start depend and relate everything to Allah. You have done good deeds but they seem invisible to others eyes? Don't worry, Allah is Aware about those deeds and will definitely give you an abundance of rewards.

Regard other people's opinions about you as advices. Or perhaps you can try to forgive them (for hurting you with their words) by reminding yourself that they are doing so mainly because they love you and care about you.

If you feel hurt, remember one thing, don't do the same to others. Keep treating people the way you want to be treated. Overlook their flaws and appreciate/ compliment them for the beautiful simple things they've done. Society might hurt you again and again, but try to be a part of a new society where love and kindness are what really matter.

After all, remember that Allah knows. Allah never forgets. Allah cares about you more than others. What else matter more than that?



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