Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Reclaiming My Heart


I am currently reading an insightful book written by sis Yasmin Mogahed. I bought it at Kinokuniya and it means I bought it with a very high price compared to other book outlets.  I didn't know that I can buy it with a way cheaper price from MPH or online. But it's okay, coz it is really worth it. :)

I haven't finished reading it yet. Not even halfway done, though I already started reading it about a month ago. I just have a long list of "currently-reading". Plus, I intentionally read it slowly and thoroughly, so that I won't finish and close the book early and could understand it better without rushing to the last page. It feels good to know that the book is waiting for me everyday to ponder upon every phrase in it. Wallahi almost every word written by her really hits me. It really does.

I can say that this book suits everyone of us. It talks about issues and stuffs that happen to almost everybody. Each topic is written in a short length but it is very significant. Significant with our lives, our dealing with God, family, enemies, as well as with ourselves.

I will share some quotes from the book that I really love and give me 'aha' moment.

☆ This life isn't perfect. It isn't perfectly good. But it also isn't perfectly bad.

☆ My laughter won't last forever, but neither will my tears.

☆ Allah gives us gifts, but then we often become dependant on those gifts instead of Him.

☆ God is always 'speaking'. The question is whether we are listening.

☆ It's human to want the gifts we love. But our problems begin when we put the gift in our heart, and God in our hand. (We believe we can live without God but can't go on when we lost the gift. Na'udzubillah)

☆ We put aside our Real air, and then wonder why we can't breathe. We stick the knife to our chest and then cry because it hurts. So much.

☆ It is our own objects of attachment (the things we love more than God) that kill us.

☆ The irony is that many of us have lost God in our lives and we think we are still alive.


Will share more later, inshaAllah.

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