Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Morning is Beautiful.


Good tips!

I am practicing almost all of these tips (even before I came across this picture).

Good breakfast is really what I am always looking forward. Coz that's the time where I can eat my favourite meal: any egg meal. Usually I will have egg sandwich which is my all time favourite. Never get bored eating eggs. Haha. Eggs are excellent meal for breakfast, especially if you want to lose weight. ;)

But sorry, I don't turn off my phone when I am sleeping (just turn off the wifi/mobile data), coz my phone is my alarm. And yes, I put it far from my bed. Need to get up to turn off the alarm quickly before my baby wakes up! :p

A book? I have stacks of them on the bed. Such a nice feeling to be accompanied by books. Though I might not be able to read them. Merely as bedmate? Lol. No, really, having books in a distance you can easily reach is very helpful. A page or two is better than none anyway.

Sleeping with baby means you really have to sleep in a total darkness. It's important for our health as well, and a good thing to teach our kids to sleep without lights. 

And finally, I bring my water tumbler to my room and drink before I go to bed. Don't forget green tea too. Awesome healthy drink to be consumed before you close your eyes.

Come, let's become a morning person! It's good for our physical and spiritual development. InshaAllah.

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