Wednesday, February 26, 2014



Alhamdulillah. A very beautiful and nostalgic day, it was.

Went to IIUM.
Spent a few hours there.
Met new and familiar faces.
Talked to strangers.
Chit chatted with old friends.
Listened to kuliah.
An absolutely exquisite hours of the day.

Honestly IIUM is the biggest piece of yesterday that still haunts me, day and night. Not in a bad way, instead it always leave me smiling and sometimes in tears, but tears that I can't describe the reason behind it, yet I am sure that the rolling pearls on my cheeks aren't because of sadness. Or maybe I can simply say, it's a longing. Longing for the past to happen again, even for a few hours, just to give the heart a nice feeling for a while. Ahh, reminiscing the past is indeed one of my best ability. ;)

Having a chance to make an existence in IIUM during night hours somehow gives me an extra nostalgic feeling. Walking down the memory lanes, whilst the soul is flying back to the places it has been to, kinda torturing the heart. Those are the places that had witnessed my hardships, my happiness, my struggles, my laughter, my devastation, my sadness, my bad days, my sweetest memory, and everything I had been through for three years.

No, this is not my first "homecoming" to IIUM after graduation. In fact, I always come here depends on the need. But still, the feeling of longing for yesterday is strongly sealed in the heart. Because I finally realized that, it's not the place that I really miss, it's the moments. Moments that will never ever return no matter how hard I try to complete all the little puzzles of those years. Even if I pursue my master here, it will never ever be the same as those few years back. It will definitely give me a new days with new adventures which are totally different from before.

Well, I think I need to stop ranting here. Coz it's already late and I have to go to sleep first. Or else I can't stop telling you about each and every part of the things about my university life that I really missed.

Just so you know, that IIUM is indeed an important part of me. And it contributes a lot to what I am today. May Allah bless all the people that had taught me a lot about life and relationships. Thank you Allah for making IIUM a part of my journey.


  1. el-sejida... adore yr talent of expression. indeed yr silence is worth more than a price of million pearls. deep, precise & touched. love it so much! if u are on yr progress to write yr own book & publish it, i would be the first 1 with an honour to become yr personal promoter \(>.<)/

    1. Haha. Thanks to the late night stay up for giving me extra inspiration to write this post. :p Alhamdulillah, tq for ur nice words! Mmg one if my dreams is to write books/or at least a book. Tp to write them in english? Omg I need to struggle more and more. Still need to read more and write more in order to enhance the skill. Pray for me. I wud like to read your books too. ;)

  2. kikiki.. regarding to this wrting issue, there is one wordsof wisdom that i would like to share here, it was from my respected beloved mu'allim, Prof Ghassan Taha Yassen;
    " if u don't write, future... people won't civilize. READING & WRITING are two main ingredients for man to become human, a human that live with sense, a sense that educate them to be civilize & turn themselves to 'ibadurrahman."

    philosophical but those words indeed understandable. (al-'alaq 1-19) :)

    1. MashaAllah can't agree more! InshaAllah we will try to write. May one day we will publish our own books. Amin ya Rabb


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