Thursday, February 6, 2014

These Three Tips.


I just found 3 simple tips to be happy in life:

1) Place your hope in Allah, only Allah.
2) Make your mother happy with you.
3) Give and give and give to people.

Why? Because:

1) when you place your dream, your expectations and your hope in Allah, you will never be disappointed. In fact you will become unbreakable, since you are holding on to the Greatest power of all. A happy life doesn't mean you won't be tested, but it will make your life easier, and you will become stronger to face all obstacles. InshaAllah.

2) Allah will bless your life more when you make your mother happy. And when your mother is pleased with you, your businesses will become easier, wallahi. If you ever stuck in days where everything seems wrong and your heart is at misery though you think you already preserve a good relationship with Allah, please check again the matter between you and your mother. Is there anything that you've done that has hurt her and she secretly still feels bad about it? Believe me you can go far in life with your mother's prayers for you.

3) What you give, you will get MORE back. Never ever feel afraid of losing things/money that you've donated. Allah will surely replace it more. Allah is the owner of this world. He can give you as much as He wants. Try it, do charity, give sadaqah regularly, even if you yourself have little. You will find that you will always get more and more in return. Giving also can be in term of kindness. Be kind to people. Offer help to them, subhaanallah, you will undoubtedly feel peace at heart and one important thing is: when you treat people kindly, usually their hearts will make prayers for you automatically. MashaAllah, what a great thing it is to be getting du'as from lots of people.

There are lots more tips and advices about how to live a happy and meaningful life. But these three are just what I thought among the most vital ones.


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