Friday, March 28, 2014

Biru. Merah Jambu.


Dua buku. Satu biru. Satu merah jambu. Yang biru, penuh dengan puisi dari qalbu. Tentang yang indah juga haru biru. Yang merah jambu, terkandung catatan-catatan harian sang penulis buku. Sarat dengan pengajaran, tapi ada juga kisah-kisah lucu.

 Buku tak semestinya seratus peratus tentang isi kandungan yang pembaca mahu. Yang penting ada info dan ilmu baru yang diperoleh pada setiap mukasurat yang dibelek satu persatu. 

Hidup ini bukanlah sepanjang tempoh tahun yang beribu. Cerita orang lain juga bisa jadi guru, buat yang rajin membelek buku. 

Jiwa Mendebu

Tolong Aku. Puisi Tepi Jalan. Fynn Jamal

Thursday, March 27, 2014

We Will Never Forget MH370


Reading here and there about the worldwide trending issue MH370 makes me feel like writing a few notes about it too. Nothing beneficial much, just want to write something so that I'll have a memory about the beloved air plane in my blog.

* I am currently in the phase where an aeroplane's picture deeply hurts me.

* I am never in the mood of believing any theory given no matter how much convincing it seems. Because for me, that's not the most important thing I wanna know or care about. I just care about the broken hearts of Malaysian, as well as the passenger's family. And I do care about why do others show anger and hatred to Malaysia? Our hearts are already broken and shattered to pieces. Our worries for weeks have brought us far from sleep. Our souls can never stop hoping and praying that Allah will ease everything regarding the victims. None of those theories are helpful to the passengers neither their relatives. Please, don't bother to tell me anymore conspiracy theory. (Unless the theory can bring back the plane and passengers.)

* I kinda hate it when people keep saying that this incident happened due to the sins of the passengers or the crew or the airline itself. People, you are not God. You never know what's the reason behind this. And God gives obstacles not because He hates us. Never. Haven't you heard the stories of pious people who were inflicted with calamities because God loves them and wanna grant them with ample of rewards? Stop giving your negative opinion about Allah's fate. Verily Allah tests His slaves (yes we are His slaves, not servants) in order to upgrade our faith, as well as to pay the hardship with Jannah. InshaAllah. But first, redha and sabr are the two things we need to store in ourselves.

* I know lots of people are afraid of flight accidents compared to the one happens on the roads, though they are aware that road accidents occur more often than those on the sky. Well, I feel so too. Maybe because when it comes to aeroplane crash, it sounds tremendously scary. And to think about the distressed and fearful moment right before the accident happens, it is truly terrifying. But when I think again, at least the passengers in the flight were given time to make lots of du'a and say the shahadah, as preparation if calamity happens after that. I don't know. I just hope that I am not destined to face such a horrifying minutes of life. And whatever it is, I do pray that Allah will grant me Husnul Khatimah. Amin..

* When we heard the news like this, it's best for us to follow the sunnah of our prophet sollallahu 'alaihi wasallam; which is to say inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un. Not al-fatihah. This isn't the matter of we can recite al fatihah or not, it's the matter of we really want to follow the path of our beloved Muhammad sollallahu 'alaihi wasallam or we prefer another way. And don't forget to ask Allah to forgive the Muslims that died in the incident. It is sunnah.


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How to Stay Young - Secret from the Quran


Women will definitely love this topic, right? ;)

Just watched a short (only 3 minutes) yet interesting video by Mufti Menk regarding Ashabul Kahfi. I will put here a paragraph of the related issue regarding the secret of staying young. This is Mufti Menk's commentary on the 17th verse of surah al Kahfi, which means:

And [had you been present], you would see the sun when it rose, inclining away from their cave on the right, and when it set, passing away from them on the left, while they were [laying] within an open space thereof. That was from the signs of Allah . He whom Allah guides is the [rightly] guided, but he whom He leaves astray - never will you find for him a protecting guide.

Mufti Menk said: "When they (Ashabul Kahfi) got up so many years later, they have not aged at all, because the cave was cool and the sunlight did not even touch them. It is now proven that ageing is caused by the sun. Allahu akbar."

Alhamdulillah I am not in the situation where I need to be touched by the sunlight for a long period of time. :) But still, I can feel the heat from the blazing and scorching sun though I am inside my house. How great it is to think that Allah and the Prophet sollallahu alaihi wasallam keep reminding the women that their homes are always the best place for them. It really shows how much Allah wants to protect the women, with an abundance of benefits which we ourselves haven't discovered them all yet. No, it doesn't mean that women can't go out (or those who go out are bad women). But it's better to stay inside home when there's no reason to go out.

Well, pertaining to his words just now, Mufti Menk didn't mean to recommend us to walk here and there with umbrella all the time, he said that he just wanna show the miracle given by Allah 'azza wa jalla.

So, ladies. Don't let the sunlight directly touches your bodies and faces for hours ya. (^_~)

Allah loves us.


p.s.: here's the video URL

Monday, March 24, 2014

Kongsi Rahsia

Rahsia. Sofa Biru. Nadhira Brundage.



Saat sejurus mendengar bacaan ayat alQuran
Hati tiba-tiba sebak
Jiwa mula hiba
Dan airmata tanpa segan silu menerpa
Meski akal adakala tidak mengerti tafsiran ayatNya

Pundak yang berat
Dan tekanan yang menghimpit
Tiba -tiba lenyap dari minda
Tak tersedar ia hilang dari kepala
Saat jasad melangkah masuk ke rumahNya

Tertanya dari mana keajaiban itu?

Tersedar ia bukan ajaib
Tapi itu fitrah kita
Itulah penawar buat jiwa
Yang sekian lama jauh dari Dia.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Bahagiakan Ibumu


Mahu kongsikan sedikit kata-kata dari seminar yang saya hadiri beberapa hari yang lepas.

♡ Kalau ibu kita sedih dengan kita, hidup kita akan dipenuhi dengan kesedihan. Dan kalau ibu kita gembira dengan kita, hidup kita akan penuh dengan kegembiraan.

♡ Berdoalah bersungguh-sungguh agar Allah mengampunkan dosa ibu dan ayah kita. Tunjukkanlah pada mereka bahawa kita amat menyayangi mereka.

♡ Tunaikan hajat ibubapa, inshaAllah Dia akan tunaikan hajat kita.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Are Prisoners


Reclaim Your Heart. Again. I want to share about Yasmin's writing regarding the hadith:

This world is a prison for the believer
and a paradise for the disbeliever.
-Sahih Muslim.

For years I have been understanding the hadith with this meaning: Muslims in this life were trapped or surrounded with the rulings of Islam, where we are bound to follow the dos and the don'ts and not to exceed the limit given by Allah 'azza wa jalla. And we can only truly enjoy ourselves in the Paradise later.

Yes it's not wrong to interpret it that way, but sis Yasmin gave us a totally different and much more beautiful explanation about that particular saying of our beloved Prophet sollallahu 'alaihi wasallam. Muslims are imprisoned here because we are actually don't belong here, and our souls are yearning to go back to a better world to reside there. Muslims know that this world is a temporary place and they don't seek to live happily ever after here since they believe they are heading to another life which the souls have been wanting for so long.

And what will happen to those that think that this life is paradise? Undoubtedly they won't have the idea of struggling in the world to attain a better life after death. They would be very satisfied enough with this world and surely their hearts aren't longing to be in another life. And what happen when they feel this worldly life is already a heaven? They will become very impatient when this life is not perfect. They are quickly angered and devastated because for them, this life is supposed to be a paradise, a perfect place to settle down. Their souls never realize that there's indeed a much greater life. For every sweat and blood they've sacrificed for, they are merely for the intention of having a better life here. And that's the reason why they are really afraid of death. Nobody wants to be separated from the paradise that they've found.

Whereby Muslims, the prisoners, it's different. Their hearts will always wish to be somewhere better, not because they feel that this life is miserable, but because they yearn to be somewhere more wonderful. And no matter how pleasing this life is for them, they will never stop hoping for the Perfect life that awaits them. Or maybe we can simply say that this life is the barrier that keeps the souls from returning to their God and Home.

We are waiting.
Waiting for our 'sentence' to end
Waiting to be released
Waiting for the call
to finally live in the real paradise of ours.
Allah please grant us the highest place in Jannah.
Amin ya Rabb...

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Miles To Go

This is deep. I tried to understand this poem from the perspective as a Muslim that believes in the Herefter. Well, obviously our final abode: the Jannah is beyond lovely, but before going 'home' and resting there forever, we still have this one promise to be kept. To struggle in this life, to submit ourselves to Him, to enjoin goodness, and to find as much rewards as possible. 

Jannah, may we all meet there one day. Insha Allah. ♡

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Barley Barley


When my baby was warded a few days ago (she's completely fine now Alhamdulillah), there was this one tea time (hospital) meal that I love so much! My first time eating such refreshment. Just a simple meal yet it really made my day. At that time, I couldn't wait to go back home to try the recipe. Well, it was not a lavish food, it was simply a treat called barley porridge. ∩﹏∩

Actually since a few months ago I had already started becoming a fan of barley. It happened after a good friend of mine suggested me to make barley drink for my baby who was having fever. She said barley is good to help reducing the high temperature. I googled about barley water and found out that the claim is true. Barley is indeed full with health benefits. The times of India website said that barley water is the best beverage. ⊙ω⊙ (it's a perfect drink too for hot & sunny days). You can google it if you wanna know more. Here are some of points regarding barley water:

From the times of india website.

However, before this I just consumed barley by adding it to fresh milk. With some honey and chia seeds (a very good source of omega 3). My baby loves it too. Well, to cut the long story short, I searched for barley porridge recipe the next day after my baby was discharged. Just tried a simple menu. Followed a recipe by a Malaysian mother. She uses barley, coconut milk, pandan leave, salt and sugar. I made it yesterday without using sugar and with a small amount of coconut milk. (Just now I found latin recipe of barley porridge and I think it's healthier coz it includes cinnamon and fresh milk only- no coconut milk).

In sum, these are the ingredients for the barley porridge I made yesterday:

1) barley
2) water to boil it
3) pandan leave
4) coconut milk
5) honey
6) chia seeds
7) sago
8) fresh milk
9) a pinch of salt

So, tadaa... here's the simple barley porridge prepared by my daughter's mama. >▽<

Alhamdulillah. :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Short Note from a Short Talk


Just wanna share a few points from yesterday's short kuliah by Ustaz Ibrahim Nuhu.

1) Zuhud/wara' means: staying away from anything that won't bring us closer to Allah/ anything that can harm our akhirah.

2) There's this one important saying: "Don't you ever write (or say) anything that you yourself won't be please to see it when Allah shows it to you on the Judgment Day."

3) Rules (hukm) regarding women are made to protect women.

4) Allah is the one granted us with beauty, and He can take it back anytime He wants.

5) What if you died straight away after you've sinned?

6) Never get involve in things that don't concern us.

7) It's very dangerous if we live in a sinful place, surrounded by sinners but we never care to remind/stop them from committing those evil deeds.

Surely there are lots more points that Ustaz gave, but they need to be explained in a long paragraphs. Plus the above points were the ones written in my note book. :)


I didn't draw the moon and the sun while listening to the kuliah. I drew it long before I attended it. For sure these drawing were requested by my baby. I just have no clean page to jot down the points from the talk. Why? Coz I brought the wrong notebook. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Forgive Me. Forgive Them.


I love to write when night falls. I love the feelings that reside in me during night time. Kinda melancholic, calm, sweet, and it's related to every word that means peace and poetic. ;)

I still remember that an ustaz once told us that there's an old Arab saying which means; if you want to apologize to people, choose to do so at night. Because the hearts are usually soft at that particular time. ^^

Well, I just can say wallahua'lam about it. I just know that I love my feelings that accompany me while writing anything after darkness strikes. I am not gonna write more on it, just currently thinking about forgiving and forgetting.

They say, to forgive is to forget.

Is it true? What does it actually mean that you really need to forget if you want to forgive others? I beg to differ from this popular quote. Mainly because: we can choose to forgive others, but to forget? Surely we aren't in control of what is still lingering in our minds and hearts. There are lots and lots of things and moments in this life which are freshly stored in our heads. Some of them might already buried far inside the memories but they are still there.

Just because it still hurts, doesn't mean that we haven't forgiven those who wronged us.

Just because the bitter story still stays with us, doesn't mean that we don't want to forgive the people who caused it.

I prefer to understand forgiveness in this way:

-we forgive them
-we stop holding grudge towards them
-we pray for them
-we treat them better than they treat us

There's one great verse about forgiving others:

In verse 85, surah al-hijr, Allah said:

"So overlook (any human faults) with gracious forgiveness."

Syeikh 'Abdurrahman as-Sa'diy has given us a beautiful tafsir to the phrase as sofhu al jamil (gracious forgiveness). He said:

"It is a forgiveness which doesn't contain the intention of hurting others, instead it pays the ill-offending deed with charity, and the mistakes with mercy. In fact, this forgiveness is given for the sake of getting countless rewards from Allah."

Subhaanallah. I know it's not easy to give forgiveness especially when the pain is still there. But, let us choose to forgive. For the sake of hoping Allah will forgive us. As well as to achieve a peace of mind after you let go of what's making you mad or cry.

I really can't stop feeling amazed thinking how beautiful are the people who still choose to treat the people who wronged them very nicely. May Allah make me and you among these special people. Amin ya Rab.

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