Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Forgive Me. Forgive Them.


I love to write when night falls. I love the feelings that reside in me during night time. Kinda melancholic, calm, sweet, and it's related to every word that means peace and poetic. ;)

I still remember that an ustaz once told us that there's an old Arab saying which means; if you want to apologize to people, choose to do so at night. Because the hearts are usually soft at that particular time. ^^

Well, I just can say wallahua'lam about it. I just know that I love my feelings that accompany me while writing anything after darkness strikes. I am not gonna write more on it, just currently thinking about forgiving and forgetting.

They say, to forgive is to forget.

Is it true? What does it actually mean that you really need to forget if you want to forgive others? I beg to differ from this popular quote. Mainly because: we can choose to forgive others, but to forget? Surely we aren't in control of what is still lingering in our minds and hearts. There are lots and lots of things and moments in this life which are freshly stored in our heads. Some of them might already buried far inside the memories but they are still there.

Just because it still hurts, doesn't mean that we haven't forgiven those who wronged us.

Just because the bitter story still stays with us, doesn't mean that we don't want to forgive the people who caused it.

I prefer to understand forgiveness in this way:

-we forgive them
-we stop holding grudge towards them
-we pray for them
-we treat them better than they treat us

There's one great verse about forgiving others:

In verse 85, surah al-hijr, Allah said:

"So overlook (any human faults) with gracious forgiveness."

Syeikh 'Abdurrahman as-Sa'diy has given us a beautiful tafsir to the phrase as sofhu al jamil (gracious forgiveness). He said:

"It is a forgiveness which doesn't contain the intention of hurting others, instead it pays the ill-offending deed with charity, and the mistakes with mercy. In fact, this forgiveness is given for the sake of getting countless rewards from Allah."

Subhaanallah. I know it's not easy to give forgiveness especially when the pain is still there. But, let us choose to forgive. For the sake of hoping Allah will forgive us. As well as to achieve a peace of mind after you let go of what's making you mad or cry.

I really can't stop feeling amazed thinking how beautiful are the people who still choose to treat the people who wronged them very nicely. May Allah make me and you among these special people. Amin ya Rab.


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