Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Short Note from a Short Talk


Just wanna share a few points from yesterday's short kuliah by Ustaz Ibrahim Nuhu.

1) Zuhud/wara' means: staying away from anything that won't bring us closer to Allah/ anything that can harm our akhirah.

2) There's this one important saying: "Don't you ever write (or say) anything that you yourself won't be please to see it when Allah shows it to you on the Judgment Day."

3) Rules (hukm) regarding women are made to protect women.

4) Allah is the one granted us with beauty, and He can take it back anytime He wants.

5) What if you died straight away after you've sinned?

6) Never get involve in things that don't concern us.

7) It's very dangerous if we live in a sinful place, surrounded by sinners but we never care to remind/stop them from committing those evil deeds.

Surely there are lots more points that Ustaz gave, but they need to be explained in a long paragraphs. Plus the above points were the ones written in my note book. :)


I didn't draw the moon and the sun while listening to the kuliah. I drew it long before I attended it. For sure these drawing were requested by my baby. I just have no clean page to jot down the points from the talk. Why? Coz I brought the wrong notebook. 

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