Wednesday, March 19, 2014

We Are Prisoners


Reclaim Your Heart. Again. I want to share about Yasmin's writing regarding the hadith:

This world is a prison for the believer
and a paradise for the disbeliever.
-Sahih Muslim.

For years I have been understanding the hadith with this meaning: Muslims in this life were trapped or surrounded with the rulings of Islam, where we are bound to follow the dos and the don'ts and not to exceed the limit given by Allah 'azza wa jalla. And we can only truly enjoy ourselves in the Paradise later.

Yes it's not wrong to interpret it that way, but sis Yasmin gave us a totally different and much more beautiful explanation about that particular saying of our beloved Prophet sollallahu 'alaihi wasallam. Muslims are imprisoned here because we are actually don't belong here, and our souls are yearning to go back to a better world to reside there. Muslims know that this world is a temporary place and they don't seek to live happily ever after here since they believe they are heading to another life which the souls have been wanting for so long.

And what will happen to those that think that this life is paradise? Undoubtedly they won't have the idea of struggling in the world to attain a better life after death. They would be very satisfied enough with this world and surely their hearts aren't longing to be in another life. And what happen when they feel this worldly life is already a heaven? They will become very impatient when this life is not perfect. They are quickly angered and devastated because for them, this life is supposed to be a paradise, a perfect place to settle down. Their souls never realize that there's indeed a much greater life. For every sweat and blood they've sacrificed for, they are merely for the intention of having a better life here. And that's the reason why they are really afraid of death. Nobody wants to be separated from the paradise that they've found.

Whereby Muslims, the prisoners, it's different. Their hearts will always wish to be somewhere better, not because they feel that this life is miserable, but because they yearn to be somewhere more wonderful. And no matter how pleasing this life is for them, they will never stop hoping for the Perfect life that awaits them. Or maybe we can simply say that this life is the barrier that keeps the souls from returning to their God and Home.

We are waiting.
Waiting for our 'sentence' to end
Waiting to be released
Waiting for the call
to finally live in the real paradise of ours.
Allah please grant us the highest place in Jannah.
Amin ya Rabb...

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