Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cute Cucumber Rolls


Just wanna share another simple and healthy menu. I made it for yesterday's tea time. Not really tea time actually, i think it was slightly after having lunch. ;D

A picture for you.

I am not sure what's the suitable name for it. Cucumber roll, maybe. I used Japanese cucumber. You can use ordinary cucumber too. 


1. I mixed the tuna with diced tomato. You can add anything you want to the tuna. Mayonnaise, etc. 
2. Peel the cucumber using peeler, in order to get the shape like I have shown in the picture. 
3. Spread tuna on cucumber, but leave some empty space at the other end (refer to the first picture) so that it will be easier for it to stick after being rolled. 

What I love about this menu is; my daughter loves it so much she eats them all! Alhamdulillah. I need to be more creative to encourage her to eat vegetables.

1 comment:

  1. naissss! sedaaap gileee kan.. masuk menu list bulan depan.. jazakillah khayr habeebaty umm majdiya ^^


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