Saturday, September 20, 2014

Loving Him.

Allah is so kind that He gives every one of us a mother. 👵 The best human love is definitely a mother's love. But Allah says that His love and mercy exceeds a mother's love to her kids. 💟

Allahuakbar, it's beyond imagination. I am myself is a mother & honestly i can't describe how much i love my daughter. Not enough words to express my feelings towards that little girl of mine. 👧 And when I try to think that Allah says He loves us more than a mother could love her children, I am speechless. 😿

What about our love towards Him? Is it enough to make us stop sinning? Has it already filled those empty spaces in our fragile hearts?💗💗💗 May our love for Allah is enough to make us leave the things He hates. Amin

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