Friday, October 31, 2014

What Should I Write Then?


Juggling between business and housewife chores is not a valid reason for me to rarely write here as I did a few months before. Yeah, I am still adapting myself with a hectic life style as a businesswoman who's still in her beginner's pace to reach her goals.

Okay off with that. Nothing beneficial to talk about me and me and me. I feel like writing here after I saw someone shared THIS article on facebook. I do agree with it. Lots of things that we shared on FB sometimes are hurting others without us noticing it. What kind of status? Erm, any status that describes about their everyday stories; what they cooked, where they ate, which country they've been, etcetera etcetera etcetera. People might say that they just wanna share about their daily lives activities, with no reason to brag at all, but still, some people do feel bad or sad about the status they read, simply because they don't get to experience the things mentioned in those self-stories.

So what is it actually that we need to share or write? Why there are just too many do's and don'ts? Is it truly wrong to share about our lives to others? Ops, I think the right question is; is it truly necessary to share about our lives with people that don't matter to us? I know it feels good when lots of people 'like' our status. But, we still need to bear in mind that opening up too much about us is not a healthy activity. ;)

For the question raised earlier, for me, the answer is: write, but not about yourself. Some people might say that they wanna inspire others from their stories. Yes, but do you know something? Lots of stories failed to inspire others because the readers can't figure out which part of other people's stories that can benefit them. Just write generally, for example if we want to inspire others about doing good deeds, straight away write how and what and why, instead of telling the good deeds that we've done. Same goes to the issue about raising kids. Do write about it, perhaps by listing down tips or steps or anything regarding that issue in general. NOT by telling the world how you raise your kids. Maybe once in a while is okay, but still, I prefer to say that personal life events should not be told publicly IF your objective is to inspire others.

However, honestly I still have no objection about people who love to post too much about them and their families. It's their choice, their right, their FB. ;) As for me, starting from now, I wanna try to avoid writing about me or my family inshaAllah. But hey, I don't deny that there are many personal stories out there that are worth reading, and maybe you (yes, YOU) can write it too; with a condition that we really take care about our style of writing so that it doesn't sound as if we are bragging.

It is a small yet complicated matter actually. But I still wanna write about it. :D

Be kind.

Choose to be kind over being right. Always.

Remember that we live in society.

Don't forget that lots of people are less fortunate than us.


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