Friday, September 25, 2015

Thursday, September 17, 2015

No Love Stories, Please.


Currently waiting for my darling daughter to come back from her playschool. Since the internet connection isn't really strong, so i try to think of what should I do while waiting; instead of scrolling my facebook or instagram newsfeed. And it crosses my mind that maybe it is a good idea if I write something in my blog (since writing doesn't need a stable internet connection). 

I just arrived KL last night from my hometown in JB. It was a great holiday since i spent a quality time with my family. Eventhough KL & JB aren't really far in term of journey by car, I rarely go back to Johore. Busy, perhaps. One of the great moment that I enjoyed during last holiday is; the moment I watched cartoon with my parents. Haha. Sounds cute huh? We watched the cartoon entitled BRAVE. My mom kept telling me before this that Brave is a good cartoon to be watched, so why not i give it a try?

Yes, indeed it is a good movie. Full with lessons; especially regarding maintaining a good relationship with our mother. Another great point that I love from that movie is; being a BRAVE GIRL. I really support girls or women to be brave & never feel down or weak even if there are no men that can support us. Hey we have Allah. Having Allah means having everything. We don't have to wait to be married to feel we are strong. :)

Talking about cartoon, actually there are several cartoons that I accidentally fall in love with them. I never intended to watch them but the cds are at my parents home, so whenever we go back to Johor, of course kids will beg to watch those cartoons. Other cartoon movies that I'd love to watch over & over again are; Big Hero 6 & Frozen. Big hero 6 because it is mainly about friendship and about helping others. Frozen because i love stories about family or sisters. No stories between man & woman. Nope. I will definitely say no to any movies or even books regarding that topic. 

Anyway, got to go! Stay safe <3

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Warm Up


It has been a while. It's not that I am no longer writing; it's just that I write a lot in different platforms nowadays. Mainly in instagram since it's my priority and my work now. And sometimes i write in FB. So I can say it's a bit hard for me to have to juggle between writing in blog and other mediums. 

Of course i love writing. Oh wait, i actually love to share. And writing is currently the only ability that i have to convey what I have in my mind. I am still trying to use another method; which is to share by giving a talk. I have started it; but only to a smaller audience compared to writing. InshaAllah it is actually a good practice. And i can say now that i feel a little braver than before to speak in front of lots of people. 

Another reason why it takes a long time and effort for me to write in blog is; i hate blogging via mobile. 😓 For me blogging means switching on my laptop. Which is a bit hard to be done since my laptop is at my working place & I don't do stuffs other than work-related there. It's okay anyway, i still can endure the hassle of blogging using these small keypads. 

I actually have lots of things to share here; but the time i log into blogger, all the ideas are gone. :D 

Well, inshaAllah i will write again. Stay healthy. Stay positive ❤️

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