Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Warm Up


It has been a while. It's not that I am no longer writing; it's just that I write a lot in different platforms nowadays. Mainly in instagram since it's my priority and my work now. And sometimes i write in FB. So I can say it's a bit hard for me to have to juggle between writing in blog and other mediums. 

Of course i love writing. Oh wait, i actually love to share. And writing is currently the only ability that i have to convey what I have in my mind. I am still trying to use another method; which is to share by giving a talk. I have started it; but only to a smaller audience compared to writing. InshaAllah it is actually a good practice. And i can say now that i feel a little braver than before to speak in front of lots of people. 

Another reason why it takes a long time and effort for me to write in blog is; i hate blogging via mobile. 😓 For me blogging means switching on my laptop. Which is a bit hard to be done since my laptop is at my working place & I don't do stuffs other than work-related there. It's okay anyway, i still can endure the hassle of blogging using these small keypads. 

I actually have lots of things to share here; but the time i log into blogger, all the ideas are gone. :D 

Well, inshaAllah i will write again. Stay healthy. Stay positive ❤️

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