Monday, October 26, 2015

Sajida will write Newsletters, InshaAllah.


Since there are too many questions I received regarding business, I finally come to a conclusion that I really have to start writing about setting up a business legacy from scratch. It's not that I am already good at it, it's just that I do have things & personal experiences that I wanna share with others, as well as to make them written somewhere. Who knows one day I might write a book (or books) regarding business? ;)

Perhaps I can start sending newsletter to my customers. Are you one of my customers? I hope so. :) If you are not yet my customer, you can browse and be one! :D

Good night everyone. Please pray for me that one fine day I will write at least 10 books. I already have too many book titles in my mind which I am planning to write, but we'll see. :)

Till then. wassalam. <3

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