Sunday, November 1, 2015

Storm from Yesterday


It's already late & i am still awake. Was doing my work (replying whatsApps from customers plus making orders for them at & and i think i need a rest.

I am quite sure that there are not much audience for this blog. But i still wanna write anyway, coz sometimes, I write for myself. For my future self. :)

I just wanna write here how much I can't still let go of the memories I had during my degree. The nostalgic feeling resides in my heart till today. There's a very dear place for it & i don't plan to get rid of it though most of the times, it hurts to look back.

I wonder why degree days are the phase i like most so far. Perhaps because at that time, i only need to think about myself, myself & myself. Nothing to be worried regarding money or establishing business legacy which is surely super duper tough. Those were the days where the things that matter to me are family, exams & friendship. Okay, don't let me start writing about friendship thingy, or else I won't sleep tonight.

I just realised something; the best days of our lives aren't the days where we have a lot of money with us, it's when we have less thing to be worried about. Gahhh how i miss my life in iium.

Till then, good night. :')

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