Saturday, February 27, 2016

Let It Go


Hi readers. It's past midnight and I am still awake. Just finished my work and suddenly I feel the urge to drop by here and share something. About a topic that I can really relate to it, about LETTING GO OF THE PAST.

I admit that I am a person with a strong feeling of yesterday. My mood is easily affected by recalling some memories (with friends, especially). And I firmly believe that Allah has chosen me to be one of the lucky readers of this book entitled: 30 Ways to Attain Happiness by Muhammad bin Abdillah Ash-Shaayi'. The second topic on how to attain happiness (as written in this book) is: "The past is Gone."

I don't really want to type my own words since I have very limited poetic words to describe how much the past is irrelevant to our lives today, and how much we can't relive the past no matter how hard we try. I will just type here the author's wisdom which is worth to be shared.

"The dossier of the past, in sight of the wise, is gone and is not recounted; it will be forever locked up int the dungeons of the forgotten, fettered with a strong rope in the prisons of disregard, and it will never find its way out."

"Neither will sorrow bring it back, nor grief put it right nor will sadness amend it!"

"Reading from the pages of the past (sorrow) is inefficient use of the present, wasting effort and balling up precious time."

"The problem with us is that we fall short regarding the present and get busy with our past, we do not pay attention to our slackness but we weep over the past ruins."

"...the wind moves onward, the water flows ahead, and the convoy moves forward; so DO NOT CONTRADICT THE RULE OF EXISTENCE."

30 Ways to Attain Happiness
Muhammad bin Abdillah Asy-Shaayi'

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