Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I am Different. Is it Okay?


No matter how much I try, I will still have this one question inside my head: "What are other people's perceptions about me?" stuck in my mind. I admit that I am much better than before in term of being overthinking about those who don't matter at all, but there are times where I will have this one question lingering on my mind. And it's happening now.

At this moment, I keep asking myself, is it okay for me to be like this? To be someone who's known as the founder of a business, but I don't talk or share much about it, unlike other business persons. Their FB status, their tweets, their moments, their personal IG photos, mostly are regarding their businesses. However, I am a bit different. If you scroll my FB feed, you can see that I do share various topics and issues; families, friends, funny moments, trivias, some business tricks and whatnot.

I love sharing. Since I started blogging on the year 2008, I have developed this one kind of interest, sharing & writing about anything. When I was studying, I always blogged about my subjects, about the topic learnt on certain days, about lecturers, friends, books I read, movies I have watched and more. I don't know why but I kinda get a satisfaction while doing so. And today, as I am now a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, a sister, I definitely have more and more things to share with my friends and followers.

Sometimes, I share a simple photo in my personal instagram not in the intention of sharing anything that will benefit them, it's just that I am a girl who loves to read (in the future) about her life from the different perspectives of different phases of life that she has gone through. For me, it is so interesting to have something to refer to, to treasure the memories and to know more about my past self. Suddenly I feel like I am such a pathetic girl, with melancholic heart who is seeking for nostalgic moments to be brought to the current and future life. :')

Okay I think I have been carried away from the real topic. Is is okay to be different? Is it okay that I don't talk about my El Sajida all the time? For me, different social media account, different content that I will share, depending on the audience as well as my emotions while writing them. As for my personal FB, my topic of sharing is general. I share anything that I feel important, funny, cute or beneficial. In personal twitter, I tweet about personal simple stuffs, stuffs that I like, quotes that I adore and current simple thoughts. In my WeChat moments (which I have deleted the app from my phone & no longer active there), I used to update about more personal stories and share lots of my pictures since the audience there are well filtered. So what about my personal instagram? The photos I uploaded there are personal as well, and they are usually about my home, my daughter, the pics of my books, and the things I do besides business tasks. And finally at the telegram channel, I share quite a lot regarding business tips. I deliberately wanna make that channel as a channel for those who wanna know about business and a few sharing as what I usually write here.

I know the answer.... It is totally fine to be myself. To share what I like as well as they are not harmful and won't make other people think bad about me. I need to take care as well about my reputation as someone known as a founder of Hijab & Muslimah Attires Company. Of course from time to time I try to be more matured in writing as well as in my real traits. Sometimes people might think that when I do business & share a lot of good stuffs, I am doing it for others. But in reality, it is me actually who will gain benefits from all those things. I am the one in a dire need of gathering more & more ajr/thawaab/rewards from Allah.

Till then, rest assured that I will maintain my style of sharing. I will be myself and will follow my way, as long as Allah is pleased with it, inshaAllah.

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