Thursday, March 24, 2016

She's Beautiful


It has been a few days since I slept late like this. Actually I wasn't really in a good health condition before this, and not fully recovered yet but Alhamdulillah I am fine. I am a writer (though only myself claims that), so whenever I have something in mind that I wanna write, I need to fulfill the urge. I just can't ignore it, or else I won't be at ease & will keep thinking about it. Especially if it's regarding stuffs that I haven't told anybody. 

I am currently wearing my telekung, sitting on my study/working chair, typing on this touch screen- keypads, using this orange Blogger app, in the dark. I wear telekung not because I want to pray or just done praying, instead the room is very cold and wearing this attire somehow keeps me warm & comfortable. :) 

I was just thinking about this one internationally known female public figure named Kads. (That's just her short name). I used to like her so so much during primary school and the fangirl-ing mode didn't stay long since I stayed in the hostel after that & had limited time for television or internet. 

It was just a few months ago that I happened to watch her again on screen & somehow the feelings for her returned! I mean the feelings of admiration. Of course she's pretty, a stunning lady with a pair of hazel eyes. However, her physicals aren't the main quality why I like her so much. Let me just write down all the good points from her that I adore and secretly wish to adopt. 

1) She's a voracious reader. Currently she has three rooms in her house that have been turned into a library! That's magical. And another beautiful fact is; before she got married, she put this one special condition to her husband that if he wants to marry her, he needs to provide a home with a library like the one in "Beauty & the Beast". And of course she got it, as her honeymoon gift. Oh my... Isn't it so sweet. 

2) She loves her mother so much. Though she isn't a Muslim, but she knows the value of a mom & really appreciates her. She always bring her mother to certain occasions (it's rare for a married woman to do so!) & she said that her love for her mother increases more after she has her own children. She will always call her mother even for just to say thank you for being patient with her when she was a kid. 

3) She leads a healthy lifestyle. She doesn't smoke & drink. Though she likes to eat, but she will always make sure that she eats healthy food. She goes to the gym regularly and she's very strict about her sleep schedule. She says that she sleeps a lot at night, which means she sleeps early every night. 

4) She's different from other women from her field. Usually women like her will only care about a good look with heavy make up and always find the chance to expose their great shapes. But she's not like that. She doesn't put much make up, she doesn't really care to look beautiful (but she IS beautiful even without make up). She's not a bimbo, rather she's an educated public figure who doesn't think that a pretty face or uncovered body is the most important aspect to be accepted & loved by lots of people. 

5) She loves her family so much and thus, she chooses to limit her work though the demand for her involvement is extremely high. She always says that she wants to spend more time with her family, with her daughter & son. For her it's okay to keep rejecting the best and great offers which are presented on her eyes. 

6) She says that she's a person who always try to find happiness in whatever situation she is. She doesn't wait for a happy surrounding to make she feel happy, instead she herself will find the happiness within every place. This is such a wonderful quality, a positive trait that we shall apply as well. 

Anyway, though she's not a Malaysian, I still have this one tiny hope that I can meet her. :p Anyway, sometimes I do feel bad for admiring a non-Muslimah, but I know it's not wrong to admire the good qualities of other people regardless of their religions. 

Till then, wassalam. <3

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