Sunday, July 24, 2016

Team El Sajida at Fronte Centre


I was so sad to know that Blogger App is now no longer available for iPhone. If I were to update my blog using laptop, I am afraid it will take months. T___T

By the way, I just wanna share here the moments from the precious night that I have spent together with my staffs or known as #teamELsajida at the opening of Fronte Centre in Ampang. The owner of the centre is the regular photographer of El Sajida, Hijabella Studio. I feel so impressed about them, having big businesses at young age, mashaAllah.

I don't really wanna write much, just wanna upload some memorable photos of us. I think it has been forever since we went out together and really enjoyed ourselves like this. We have two new team members and I can say that this is the first time all of us hang out together. I am very grateful to God for sending me such an amazing team members. The team that I can rely on, the people who can do most of the tasks much much better than me.

Since the first time El Sajida have a team, the members keep changing, they come & go. And honestly the current team members are the best, in term of our bonding, as well as in term of doing our respective tasks. May Allah bless them all and give them an abudance of "rezeki yang berkat". Amin.

Enjoy the pictures!

In the meeting room. Not having a meeting, just looking around. :)

Seminar room. For any events or talks.

The youngest team member, Majdiyya. :D


What I ate that night, Nasi Lemak Saleha Ampang, Green Tea, etc.

Majdiyya snapped this pic. ;)

What a great idea of business. ^_^

Love them fillah. <3

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