Sunday, November 20, 2016

Writing as a Therapy.


Currently blogging via laptop. Okay, since blogger App for mobile is no longer exists, I need to wait for myself to have the time to switch on my laptop to update this blog. My writing here isn't the same with my writing in my personal Facebook & Instagram. Why? Perhaps because the feeling is different, and the atmosphere is not the same. I kinda write very formally in Facebook and the least formal in Instagram, so here, I guess it's between those two stages. ;)

Seriously I actually wonder if there are still people who enjoy bloghopping or reading blogs. Especially my blog. And since I am not really sure who are my audiences, I can't really decide to have a theme for each and one of my writings. I write very randomly. And surely I have this kind of syndrome; having so much to write when not on Blogger and have nothing in mind when I actually log on to Blogger. *facepalm* And that's the reason why till this paragraph, I am still not sure what topic I wanna write about.

Well, do you know about writing therapy? Yeah I don't know much about it as well, but I agree that writing is a therapy. But one thing I know about it is; between typing and writing with pen, surely the later is better. It is proven as well that writing on papers (using pen/pencil) can help to reduce stress, and to reach our target. That's why it is said that, if you have dreams (of course you do), write them on paper, inshaAllah it will come true. Not magic or anything mystic, it's just that when we write them down, it will make us more aware & focused on what we really want in this life. And somehow it will stay in our subconscious mind which can help the body & mind to keep having this dream in focus till one day it becomes a reality.

I recommend you to write your detailed daily schedule as well as your everyday to-do-list on paper. Have a journal. (journal isn't a diary). I don't want to write more about journal tonight. Some time later, inshaAllah.

Persistence. :)

If we want to improve our language, writing is one of the best tools as well. And if we wanna be a writer, the only thing that can help us to write better is to write more & more. That's what I am trying to do. Though not many people will read my writings, it is more important for me to practice writing. Writing is a therapy, can you feel it? Coz I can. <3

So, just write. Write anything that you have in mind. Write as if nobody will read what you write. :)

P/s: I love blogging at night with the sound of relaxing piano as the background music. It's beautiful, and calming. Do you feel what I feel? ;)

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