Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Last Day of January

Finally the 31 days of January has already passed. And now it's going to leave us for a long period of time before it returns. I don't really have any idea of what to write, but I just know that I need to update something here before the month changes to February.

Oh, wait. If I am not mistaken, a few years ago I have written in this blog about my prayer during my 30th birthday. I am gonna screenshot it and paste it down there after a while.

2 years ago.

Alhamdulillah, I think Allah has answered that prayer. He gave me strength though He tested me again and again. And Alhamdulillah those tests had made me grow even stronger. Thank you Allah, for always be there for me, during each & every time I need You... 

I wrote in that post that I pray to be surrounded by the people who love me, but now I think, I don't wanna ask that anymore, I wanna ask Allah to make me appreciate those people who love me. It's okay if the quantity is very little, as long as I value their existences and they can feel my care & love towards them. 

Bye January. See you next year inshaAllah. 

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