Sunday, January 22, 2017

Mind Platter


Can't believe we have already gone trough 3 weeks of January! And I think I have to jot down something here before the month turns to February. Since lately I have been writing too much in Facebook, I sorta don't have much time & idea to write at other places.

So please allow me to just write down one page from Najwa Zebian book, Mind Platter. Which I just bought it yesterday. Been wishing to own this book for months and Alhamdulillah now it's mine. Didn't expect that it will be available at Kino now. Though it's a bit pricey, but I am willing to do anything for the books in my wishlist. Haha. Now there are just two more books in my current wishlist (non local); 1) A Temporary Gift & 2) Into the Wildfire: Battle Scars.

Ok cut it off. So here's one of my favourite writings from Najwa Zebian.


"Don't rely on others to make your life better. You may seem like a puzzle piece that fits nicely into their plans at one point. but what happens if they change their minds? So be it. You have a mind to lead you by logic and a heart to lead you by reason. You choose your fate by taking responsibility and by taking the lead in your life. Don't make yourself part of others' plans. Make your own plan and be part of it."

Ahhhh too many inspiring words from her that I wanna share here but later okay? I am sleepy. And don't feel well. Goodnight!

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