Sunday, May 21, 2017

Ayah Jo a.k.a Prof Joni Tamkin


Alhamdulillah, for being given the time & chance to write something in my Facebook regarding the death of late Professor Joni Tamkin a.k.a Ayah Jo (he was my husband's uncle). You can read it here if you like: HERE. Every time I am able to write, a satisfaction will suddenly reside in heart. Thank you Allah.

I don't intend to write the same thing here, and initially I was thinking of writing about something else in blog. Somehow, my current feeling doesn't really the suit with the theme of the particular post that I want to write. Kinda having such a melancholic feeling, thinking about the sudden death of Ayah Jo. :'(

And to top it all, this tiny little heart grieves more when I try to put myself in the shoe of late Ayah Jo's wife; Che Na. I wonder whether I will be as strong as her to lose a dear husband without being given any signs or warning about death. I was thinking how Che Na slept on that final night with her husband, without having any idea that the next day, her life will change, a lot.

This teaches me to really appreciate the presence of those beloved people to us. Have you ever wonder, how remorseful the feeling will be if the person that you love dies during the bad term between both of you, without being given the chance to apologize to each other? Allahuakbar, I can't imagine that and I really pray that such thing will never happen to me. I will always remind myself that I need to be the best version of myself whenever I am dealing with the people I love, especially my family.

Ya Allah, I do & really hope that the passing of late Ayah Jo is a great reminder for me to change to be a better muslim & become steadfast in the right path. I don't want to die while Allah is not please with me. I wanna die in husnul khatimah. I want the barzakh life to be my resting place,before transferring to my final abode, Jannah inshaAllah.

Sorry I need to stop writing now. InshaAllah will write more. :) Thanks for reading. <3

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