Friday, June 9, 2017

9th June, the Eighth Year.

My dear Ummi Hasanah,

Alhamdulillah you are now a year older. There's nothing that I wish for you except for God to fulfill all your wishes, to give you all the best for this life and Hereafter. I am dying to see you happy and reach your targets in life; which one of them is to take care of your parents and give them whatever they wish for.

Though lotsa people might see you as someone who is tough & somehow boyish, but for me, the girlish part of yourself is actually quite dominant and well, you aren't all the time tough. You have that soft heart as a woman, the spoilt trait as a little girl (in a good way) & you're so mysterious that lots of people never really know what's hidden in your mind. For me, there are so much kindness that you hide inside you, that you prefer people not to see them. When I read the list of your life's wishes, I can tell how noble your heart is, for wanting all those things to happen. I firmly believe that other people never know about that.

There are just so many things that you said or did, that make me adore you silently. You are unique in your own way & can never be replaced by anybody. I never wish to have another good friend after I knew you.

Thank you for always putting up with me and my daughter. Thank you for still accepting me in your life though our paths are totally different (yet we are both aiming for the same thing; to be happy in this life & Hereafter). Thank you for all the time, energy & sometimes money that you have spent for me for all these years.

You're such a blessing in my life, though sometimes we were tested with the things that made us sad, but I believe that it is the part of His plan for us, simply to help us grow stronger to face this life & to be braver coz life is obviously getting tougher.

I will never forget the early days of our friendship. Those were the days where I really wish can repeat, even for a few hours, coz knowing you truly make me feel happy & grateful. You never know how much I pray for you, never know how much I long to stay near you, and never know how much I want Allah to grant you a good husband. Coz I want someone who can take care of you and make your life much more meaningful.

Well I think I have to stop here. Worry not about what will happen tomorrow coz everything is under His control. <3 Please take care.

Much, much love.

9th June 2017, Kuala Lumpur

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