Monday, June 5, 2017

Beautiful Ramadhan


I was about to doze off a few minutes ago, but suddenly I remembered that I haven't listed down the things that I need to settle tomorrow. So I got up from my bed and headed to my lovely table. I can't list them tomorrow coz it will be too late. So I am done with the list and there you go: 2 pages of tasks to be done! Phewww... Surely not only my tasks but it will include the whole team of El Sajida.

While I was writing down my tasks just now, I play the song about Ramadhan in youtube. I was actually looking for this one Ramadhan song which is so beautiful, sweet & no musical instruments used. But still, it sounds very nice to the mind and heart. I am not sure about the exact title but it's just written there: Beautiful Ramadhan Song 2015. I am quite sure that's not the title though. I keep repeating that song again & again and it really makes me feel that I have to appreciate this month of blessing more, before it ends. :'(

This reminds me of one lecture regarding Ramadhan which says that the analogy of Ramadhan is; you are given 2 hours to legally take any amount of money from the bank which for sure stores millions and billions! What are you going to do with that 2 hours given? Well, no need to answer it since we all know the answer already. If you say you aren't going to take as much as you could, I'd say you are crazy. Haha. Pardon me but that's the reality.

And that's what happens to Ramadhan. Allah gave us 30 days and let us grab as many rewards as we could from this month, moreover, the deeds done in this month will get double, triple or even more rewards mashaAllah. We might not see the rewards with our eyes now, but later in the Hereafter we will, inshaAllah. Just believe that all these rewards are much more valuable than the money at the bank and keep on struggling to increase the good deeds.

9 days of Ramadhan already left us & a few more days ahead, the days are there but it is not confirmed yet that we will get the chance to finish the 30 days of Ramadham. Coz at any point of time, we can die if our time has come.

O Allah, please give us strength to keep on doing the good deeds, and please, save us from our dark side. Only You can help us O Allah.

This is the song. :) 

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