Monday, August 7, 2017

Cheesie Story


Hi there. Don't you feel it's weird, that out of the blue, I update my blog like, a lot? Well, it's not that I suddenly got lots of free times. It's just that this one book makes me feel like blogging more & actually try to find time for it. And it kinda makes me reminiscing the time where I was so active in blogspot.

So this is the book;

How I Make A Living Blogging; A Very Cheesie Story

I am not sure why, but the moment I saw this book at MPH a few days ago, it suddenly struck me with an idea that I need to be an active blogger as well! But.... my problem is I don't really share good info here. Please pardon me. I just know that I need to update it & make it as a practice for me to write more and more and more, coz the only best way to be good in writing is to write more.

So I am really very sorry if the content of my blog is not all beneficial and might be filled with crappy personal stories of mine. (Hey, doesn't every good writer start with craps as well?) I just wanna make my blog alive & attractive. Nevertheless, I still hope that even though I write personal daily stories, they will give benefits to some people in some ways. 

I really can't separate myself from Blogger. No matter how many social media accounts that I have created & joined, Blogger is still one of my favourites. It has some sentimental values, and I can say that it somehow defines me. All my blogs, they tell different stories regarding different phases of my life. It's so lovely to be able to walk down the memory lane by reading all my writings one time ago. <3

InshaAllah I won't stop writing as long as I am alive. I am not all the time a serious person, that's why I decided not to share only serious contents here. I hope you enjoy all my writings & thank you so much for still reading my blog. 

Okay, it's already a new day & I can barely hold my eyes open. Goodnight! 

P/s: I still hope Blogger App for iPhone will be launched soon.

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  1. Suka tengok dan baca blog puan. Simple. Tenang. Keep on writing! Saya suka baca :)


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