Monday, August 14, 2017

Of Sadness & Silence

In the train.

And I wanna try to write down something. It's about telling our sadness to other people. I feel triggered to write about this after I saw this one quote that says;

"Kesedihan itu mengecil jika dirahsiakan, dan membesar jika dikeluhkan..."

Isn't it true? When we keep trying to find someone to listen to our miseries and sad stories, the sadness somehow stays longer in the heart & we are drowned in it for quite a long time. And we kinda feel comfortable to stay in that gloomy feelings without having the effort to find the solution or at least to look for things that can distract our mind & soul to forget about it.

On the other hand, if we teach ourselves to tell God every time we are in grief, and at the same time we choose to keep the sadness to ourselves, we will feel better and realize that it's a whole lot easier to free ourselves from the sadness, as well as to avoid our souls to get carried away.

It's not wrong to share our sadness with others if we feel that it can help to ease our pain. But we need to be careful not to make ourself engrossed in that situation & feel incomplete whenever there's nobody available to listen to us.

Will write soon. The train almost reaches my destination. Bye :)

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