Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Always in My Prayers.


I was chit chatting with my husband today, about the one close friend that I have, that one close friend that out of nowhere, seems to avoid me & suddenly chose silence over conversation with me. It really hurts me till today to think about it, mainly because just a few months before that, we were close, closer than a few years before.

The wound in my heart gets deeper because I really can't figure out why she's avoiding me? It's kinda impossible & never does it cross my mind that this kind of situation will happen. However, I try to convince myself very hard that she must have her own reasons for doing that. And actually I do believe that she's currently battling against something and somehow she prefers to seclude herself from majority of her friends.

Well, actually that's not really what I wanna share in this post. Instead it's about the short conversation I had with my husband earlier today;

"She updated in her ig story that she's sick." I said.

"And you didn't say anything to her? No 'tanya khabar'? No 'get well soon'?" he asked.

"No. I am afraid she won't reply, and more afraid if my message will annoy her." I feel bad for having to answer this way.

"It's better if you show her that you care. She might be in a difficult phase of her life, and this is the time you are supposed to let her feel that you really care & she really matters to you," suggested him.


"I have been in the phase where I was so down & at that time, there was only this one friend of mine that keeps contacting me though most of the time I just remained silent. Hardships usually tell us who's our real friend." He continued.

"But I am still afraid that she won't like it if she sees any messages from me. Of course I am dying to keep in touch with her, meeting her like we used to do before," I feel like crying while saying this.

"I understand your concern, but, it's not harmful to try to initiate the conversation first. Or at least make her feel you care. Regarding her response, it's up to her. You just do what you can." His words slowly enter deep into my heart.

"I will try. I will. InshaAllah."

Honestly, I never thought that I will still have friendship issues in this age (almost 32). Kinda funny but it's reality. As we grow older, some of the things just get more complicated and somehow it's hard for everyone to catch up with each and every friend. And sometimes, it's just the matter of timing, where certain right things might seem wrong when they're in not in the perfect timing.

Whatever it is. I think it's best for us to keep praying for our friends. Because perhaps we don't know the battle that they are having. It's of paramount importance that we try to put our emotions aside and think in a mature way about our friends. Do what we can do to help, even if it means that the only help we can offer is to pray sincerely for them in silence.

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