Monday, July 8, 2019

7 Steps To Make Your Kids Love Reading


Before this I have shared a few tips on reading to your baby here. But now, let me share with you the important steps that we as parents can do to instill the love for reading in our kids hearts. Hopefully this can help a lot of parents out there.

1) Read aloud to them.

This can be started as early as they were born. It is proven that kids that get exposed to reading at earlier age will grasp more vocabularies compared to those who start late.

2) Parents as example. 

Kids see, kids imitate, kids do. It's known that our kids do more of what they see from us, than what we tell them to do. So parents, find time in your busy daily schedule to read and make sure your kids see it.

3) Buy books regarding stuffs they love.

If your kids love animals, buy them more animals books, if they love vehicles, buy books that has lots of vehicles picture in it, and so on so forth.

4) Buy special books for them during special occasions.

You can either buy books as a present for them during their birthday or other day that you feel like buying something for them as special rewards.

5) Bookstore/library visit as routine.

Every time your family go to the mall or spend time together outside home, make sure you bring the kids to the local bookstores or libraries. It doesn't matter whether you buy books or not, just make sure you let them feel the joy in spending time with books.

6) Make a mini library at home.

Having a mini library at home is a must for every family who wish to make reading as their habit. After all, the best decoration in a home is bookshelf, isn't it? ;) If possible, make a special corner or special bookshelf only for kids books, separated from adults' books. And make sure your kids can reach for their books easily.

7) Put books in scattered places at home. 

You might put them in a basket, then place a few in living room, a few in playing pen, or any other places that you desire and you know your kids spend a lot of time there. Even if you don't use basket, you can just stack the books on the floor/table at a special corner.

Try these and inshaAllah you'll see how fast your kids will love books and reading.

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